Complete regulations may be found on the Romanian Kennels Club's website, Regulation section (romanian only).

  1. On show admission you must show the passport and dog's vaccination certificate;
  2. On ring admission you must show the performance documents;
  3. Any missing documents (working class, champion class) will automatically enter the dog in the open class.


  • Titles awarded based on exhibition regulations stated by Romanian Kennel Club;
  • The title of "Romanian Champion" may also be awarded to the dog that is already champion of another F.C.I. member country and obtains a C.A.C.I.B. title or 2 C.A.C. titles in shows in Romania.
  • The title of "Romanian Junior Champion" (R.J.Ch.) is awarded to the dog that has obtained three C.A.C.J. titles from three different judges, one of the titles being obtained in a CACIB show.