NOTICE of cut tail and/or ears

According to the provisions of art. IV para. 12 of the A.Ch.R. for canine competitions it is forbidden to submit the registration form, to register, to enter the competition space and to participate in the canine competitions of the dogs that have their tails and/or ears cut off for purposes other than curative ones. Proof of cutting the tail and/or ears for curative purposes is only the statement(s) in this regard, the signature and stamp of the veterinarian who performed the cut-off surgery on the dog's health card or passport.

If you have already entered the dog and you cannot enter the show under the new rules, please contact us!

Entry fees can be paid:
- online by credit or debit card on the payment page, after the dog / dogs have been added;
- by bank transfer before the dog / dogs have been added, and you'll need to upload payment proof on the payment page;
- FOREIGN PARTICIPANTS ONLY: at the exhibition, option available on the payment page, after the dog / dogs have been added.

Parking: Private parking for 500 cars

Napoca Dog Show
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Registration deadline: 17.05.2024